Barbara Ekström has been working as an artist since the late 1990s. The artwork is usually presented as installations and a main part of her way of working is the search for interesting spaces.

Barbara was born is Stockholm 1966 as the only child of young parents. Father studied at the Royal Institute of Technology and her mother developed an interest for antroposofical theory. Barbara went to the Kristoffer school in Bromma outside the center of Stockholm and completed her studies there 1985. In 1989 Barbara moved to Gothenburg at the west coast of Sweden and started to take a serious interest in art. After some years of experimental work in painting and sculpture she attended Dômen artscool in 1994 and worked mainly three-dimensional in different materials.

In 1998 Barbara made her first solo exhibition at Röda sten in Gothenburg and the same year she started to study art at Gothenburg university, HDK Högskolan för Design och konsthantverk. During studies Barbara concentrated in working with conceptual art and acquired a way of translating the environment into art that since then has been a basic tool in her work.

After graduation as a Master of fine art in 2003 Barbara made a serial of exhibitions with an artistgroup called VLKBTF.

For some years during a period from 1999 – 2005 Barbara was involved working building the artspace Röda sten, now one of the major artscenes in Gothenburg.

Barbara became acquainted to the artist Peter Trukenbrod 2003 who made an exhibition at Röda sten that year and the two artists discovered that their artwork had a lot in common. The following year Peter and Barbara made an installation at the arthall of Trollhättan and in 2005 they started a studio together in Gothenburg. The studio has since then worked as basecamp for journeys into the materialbased artfield and several co-projects and exhibitions.

In 2006 Barbara and Peter went to Berlin during winter and stayed there in a studio at the Megerzeile, made an exhibition at the M3 kunsthalle and has since then paid frequent visits to Berlin. The following years Barbara developed a serial of various techniques for fragile and transparent materials turning it into installation projects for sites and spaces where the room has a certain character which contributes to the artwork. During the last decade the artist has participated in several international exhibitions and project, often with an experimental or investigating character.



Member of KRO, Konstnärernas riksorgansation










Flying stone 1994                              











Berlin Wall


Barbara Ekström