Barbara Ekström and Peter Trukenbrod


Palazzo Albrizzi Venice

Pixels of Identities

international exhibition of photography, video art, installation and performing art


06 – 13 of June 2014


BigCi – Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives, Wollemi National Park, Australia


My Cities, Your Identities
International video-art and photography festival

curator: Luca Curci

July 18-24, 2014





Barbara Ekström

Mjellby Konstmuseum

Halland´– från romantiken till samtid


25 jan – 27 april 2014




Barbara Ekström

Out of order, detail

Amplify Action Skylight gallery 21 April 2012

Brooklyn, New York





Barbara Ekström

The Ships pharmacy 2011 detail


The Hellenic Foundation for culture Alexandria

THE CAVFY MUSEUM art collection


Silk objects insipired by Constantin Cavafy´s work The Ships.








Silk Shuttle used for textile drawing at

Siena Art Institute



Textile drawing, Silk and linen, Siena Art Institute





Nest. Lindholmens konsthall, Göteborg 2011



Virserums konsthall 2011

Silk objects made out of a core for irons. The core is heated an put inside the iron. In the artwork

the wight of the core is reduced so that 9 object weight about 21 gram.



Bottna landart, Gerlesborg 2010



Nääs galleri, Floda 2009



Mölndals kvarnby, Götafors nedre



Creative development project with Paroc in Skövde 2009



Creative development project with Göteborgsregionens kommunalförbund

financed from ESF.







Barbara Ekström

Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke kulturhus


1  – 29 mars 2014




Barbara Ekström

Tales from the earth


The Roadside Museum

West Lancashire, UK

24 may 2013



Barbara Ekström and Kent Turnefelt

MindsphereSound Pelle Bolander



A project in three parts

Concept for The cultural month of Lundby September 2012

involving people in the area in a playful project.



Barbara Ekström and Kent Turnefelt

Inside Mindspheres

MindsphereSound by Pelle Bolander

Concept for The Kultural month of Lundby 2012

involving people in the area in a playful project.




Barbara Ekström Get Square. Size of black square,width:156 mm height: 66 mm. Xerographic work

OCCUPY THE WALL, AC Institute New York, NY


Barbara Ekström Get Square. Width:156 mm height: 66 mm. Xerographic work.

10 - 22 - 38 Astoria, Fíctilis Seattle


The House that Jack built, Igor Metropol Millenáris Convention Center, Budapest.


Cross made out of sugar. Site specific artwork made together with Peter Trukenbrod at Romsdalshorn, Norway 2011. This work is inspired of the fact that sugarmolecules has been found in space located in a cloud of gas, Sagittarius B2. Sugar is an important biological component in the creation of life.



The cross is made of about 16 kilo sugar. The material meets the outdoor conditions and will slowly dissappear.



Fog. Vitehall, Kungsbacka 2006 - 07.



Ascii för Jacquard i A-moll , Göteborgs Remfabrik 2006




Lightinstallation, Stora hamnkanalen,Göteborg with Peter Trukenbrod 2005 - 06


Deviation, Trollhättans konsthall 2004












Barbara Ekström